Inventory Support

Inventory Support

American Servoil can provide complete inventory assessment, including overhaul of material management processes and procedures.

  • Inventory Management & Surplus Disposal — Marathon Gabon                                                                                     
  • Review of material movements of 100% owned inventory.
  • Prepare for and conduct formal inventory with DGH & Partners.
  • Implement improved processes for Material
  • Control, including labling process.
  • Identification of surplus materials
  • Take steps to sell or dispose of surplus.
  • Perform well reconciliations on all previous wells/workovers.

Inventory Assessment Services — Marathon Oil Gabon

  • Identification and segregation of surplus.
  • Catalog all materials in proper nomenclature and description format
  • Perform 100% inventory
  • Reorganize pipeyard and warehouse
  • Consolidate three different material control systems and databases into one (MP2) and provide training

Inventory Assessment Services — TOTAL Indonesia

  • Inventory and assessment of all Construction, Drilling and Well Completion materials
  • Catalog all materials in a proper nomenclature and description format and reorganze materials
  • Identify surplus material
  • Catalog unlisted materials
  • Onsite training of local TOTAL staff
  • Install barcode labeling system