About Us

About Us
Servoil has been in a relatively unique position in providing material as a reseller on a competitive basis, and providing expert procurement and material management personnel on a contract or a Project by Project basis. Indeed, in some instances we have provided both material and services on the same Project.

As a supplier of material, we provide virtually all material on a competitive and contract basis to support oil & gas exploration, production, refining and construction.  We have attached a copy of our line sheet for your reference.   On July 1, 2000, Servoil signed a contract with Hydro Agri (Yara) in Trinidad to supply a wide array of material. This contract has been recently extended through 2010.  In April, 2002 Servoil signed a long term purchasing agreement with PCS Nitrogen in Trinidad.  A new 3 year contract with BP Trinidad and Tobago  was formalized in August, 2005. In addition, we have Strategic Alliances established suppliers in Trinidad, Iraq, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Egypt, Nigeria, United Kingdom and other distributors throughout Western Europe and Eastern/Southeastern Asia.

As a supplier of procurement and material management services, we have established an excellent track record with several companies.  Servoil has had service contracts with BP and more recently signed a five-year service agreement with Marathon Oil.  On Sept. 1, 2001, Servoil commenced an Inventory Assessment Project for Drilling Material and Equipment for TotalFinaElf in Indonesia. A second, more extensive contract commenced with TotalFinaElf in April, 2002.  In June, 2003, Servoil signed a Master Consulting Services Agreement with Anadarko Petroleum.  We have attached a list of Projects with which Servoil has actively participated in. Servoil is staffed with experienced professionals with more than a purchasing background.  Most of our staff have “hands on” international field experience.  We understand the material we’re purchasing and we understand what it takes to support international locations. We have been especially effective with working with clients in gaining “control” of inventory and recommending appropriate disposition and utilization.
With this staff, we are in a position to provide the following services to support a drilling, production or construction operation:
  • Project Purchasing
  • Project Material Coordination
  • Air and Ocean Logistics Coordination
  • Export/Import Coordination and Facilitation
  • Field Material Control
  • Warehouse Management
  • Material and Purchasing Audits
  • Material Management / Inventory Management Consulting
  • Procurement/Material Management Computer Systems Support
  • Expediting
  • Field Inspection Services
  • Pipeyard Management
Since American Servoil’s inception, we have considered Safety, Quality and Integrity as three of our key “focus” areas.  Along with responsiveness, competitiveness, accountability, flexibility and the use of the latest technology, these service absolutes were and still are an important part of our corporate objectives.  To date, we are very satisfied with our results.  Through December 2015 Servoil is pleased to advise we have recorded ZERO accidents. No office mishaps, no automobile accidents and no accidents in the field. We have now recorded over 985,000 accident free man-hours since we opened our doors for business.
Overall, American Servoil’s track record and performance during the past twenty years demonstrates our commitment to “deliver” what we promise and “do it right the first time”.  We expect to continue our expansion with the same commitment and philosophy.