“Congratulations once again on a stellar performance! No discrepancies in the offshore partner inventory audit is a tremendous accomplishment given six years of drilling 41 wells. With over 82% of the items physically counted which represented 90% of the total value of over $35 MM book value and no discrepancies is an indication of the hard work and conscientious efforts you have put into maintaining accurate records.”

“The company provided personnel keenly adept at the Logistics efforts around loading boats, managing inventory, and ensuring the safety of equipment used in the process. As we wound down the drilling, the true results of their efforts were seen in various partner inventory audits that proved 100% accurate. Never was a rig idle due to lack of provisions.”

“While in our employ in Mozambique their personnel noticed the need for and defined a system that helped produce cargo manifests that tied directly to inventory and also developed a system for managing Customs documentation. This was above and beyond the normal provision of people as “bodies” to do a job.”